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Post  cluster on Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:50 pm

My Lv Is:92 with half Exp
Sword1:hammer zest +9 add lv 4 rage lv 3 chipp lv 2 eye bd
Rings:con,Agi ring lv65 And con,agi Ring lv65
Armor: DT lv 4 colo
Boots:DT +6 lv 3 wind lv 3 chipp
Gloves DT +4 lv1 hearth of bd lv 2 strik and lv 1 lustrios
Pet1:Str 2 geraƧaov42
Pet2:Con MordoJr lv43
Necklace:anciemte guard 3Con 3 acc 100 movimente
Barcelets:1 Lv65 Barcelets

maller and clubbing every day playing for 6 hours on line and 10 hours in game afk mode


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